What power output can I expect?

Most charging points are equipped with 22 kW, three-phase charging. We have a few 7 kW single-phase charging points. The output you receive is controlled by your vehicle. Usually, a BEV can accept 16 kW three-phrase charging, while a hybrid will accept single-phase, 3.7 kW charging.

Why does charging pause without my having done anything?

Our system makes sure all cars receive the desired charge within a given time period. You control this yourself by entering the current battery charge when you connect your car to a charging socket and enter your departure time. This means ChargeNode does not charge all checked-in vehicles at the same time. Clarification: If your […]

Why do I have to enter my car in your app?

The system needs to know battery size in order to make a good prognosis and ensure you receive the charge you want. Clarification: If the kWh value does not correspond to your vehicle’s, correct it as follows to receive the right charge: 1) Press the pen (located to the right of your entered vehicle) 2) […]

Why must I enter my departure time?

Because the system prioritises charging according to departure time, it is important. If you enter too early a departure time, there is a risk that charging will cease before you have the desired charge. Clarification: Remember that departure time determines when you are checked out of the system. If you enter too early a departure […]

Why doesn’t my car get a full charge?

Check that you’ve chosen the correct vehicle model (correct battery size) and departure time in the app. Your car will not be fully charged if you have entered a vehicle model with a lower kWh value than is actually the case.

What does ‘checked into the system’ mean?

Do not cancel; you have done everything right, but are in a queue. You will receive the charge you want before you leave, but there are some vehicles ahead of you in the queue. The system will know when it’s your turn.

I cannot find my vehicle model in the app

If you cannot find your vehicle model, the easiest way to proceed is to: 1) Click the box – My vehicle model is lacking 2) Select Other EV or Other hybrid vehicle If the kWh value does not correspond to your vehicle’s, change it to receive the right charge: 3) Press the pen (located to the right […]

I cannot get charging to start

Make sure you have the right area code and have specified the correct bay number. Clarification: If location services is activated in your telephone, a nearby area code can sometimes be displayed. Check that the area code in the app is the correct one for the area you are parked in. If it is public […]