Can you charge an electric car in an ordinary wall socket?

Charging your electric car in an ordinary socket is something that the Electricity Safety Authority officially advises against. The reason for this is the high currents that last for such a long time, which can easily lead to hot spots and in turn fires.

How does a load balancing system work?

A load balancing system constantly measures the property’s other electricity consumption. As a result, the charging stations never consume more electricity than the property can supply.

What are Type 2 sockets?

Type-2 sockets are the European standard for electric car charging. All rechargeable cars on the market can use the Type 2 socket.

Where do I scan my RFID badge on the charging box?

The RFID reader is in different locations depending on the charger. The majority of chargers have an RFID symbol where you read your badge.Zaptec – right on the box is a small black round RFID symbolCharge-Amps AURA – Missing symbol but the reader is just below the symbol that looks like a pyramid in the […]

I don’t get an SMS code

This may be because you have entered the wrong phone number in the app. You can check this in the following way. The page where you receive the SMS code contains a line that says “send code by email instead”. You will receive a link in the email. When you click on it, you’ll go […]

What does checked-in mean in the system?

Don’t cancel, you’ve done the right thing but you’re temporarily in the queue. You’ll get the charge you want before you leave but there are a few cars ahead of you in the queue. The system knows when it’s your turn.

Why is my car not charging fully?

What you can ensure is that you have selected the right car model (right battery size) and departure time in the app. Your car will not be fully charged if you enter that you have a car model with a lower number of kWh than the reality.