EV charging for your housing association

Let us help you install the market’s smartest EV charging

We tailor end-to-end EV charging solutions with total dedication to new technology and sustainability. Our smart software and durable hardware will provide everyone in your housing association with worry-free EV charging.

Housing associations receive 50% of the total investment cost in grants.

Why ChargeNode?

  • The lowest lifetime cost on the market
  • Total solution tailor-made for your car park
  • Your partner from project planning to operation
  • Smart EV charging service for handling payment, support and much more besides

Optimal EV charging at the lowest lifetime cost

We begin with our free-of-charge site visit to study your local conditions and the number of charging points required, all in the name of creating the optimum car park. What’s more, our scalable solution makes it easy to add additional parking spaces. In the long-term, this adds up to the market’s lowest lifetime cost.

Smart, simple operation

Our solution lets everyone in the association charge their cars without raising the property’s power rating. We call it load balancing. Members control charging and pay via our simple app. And they can use our smart EV charging service to monitor e.g. access, operation and billing.

Everyone gains with EV charging

Installing EV charging is a value-adding investment over the long term. Everyone in the association gains, not only EV drivers. And so does our environment.

Increase revenues

Because the association can debit higher parking fees on parking bays with chargers, it can earn a penny or two for every kWh of battery charge provided by the association’s charging stations.

We know which charging solution will suit you best

Our power bar and lighting bollards with built-in charging sockets are controlled from a central charging cabinet. Smart and sustainable, they require little groundwork. In places where charging boxes are better, they are integrated into the charging system. Everything is controlled by the same charging service. Optimum flexibility. And we can also install rapid chargers, naturally.

50% grant for EV charging

Housing associations receive 50% of the total investment cost in grants from the Swedish EPA. The grant is known as “Charge your car” and seeks to promote the expansion of charging stations throughout the country. You are guaranteed a grant while funds last. We will help you through the application process.


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