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ChargeNode Power Bar. Charge Node Power Light. Charging boxes.

Because each parking area is unique, we always start with consultation and analysis to find the best EV charging solution for you.

A complete charging partner

Because we develop and produce the software and virtually all hardware, we maintain control from innovation through production to installation, operation and maintenance. The result is a system in which the charging station, app and portal work together. Sometimes our power bar is the best solution, other times a lighting bollard or charging boxes work best. If you already have charging boxes or posts installed, we can integrate them with our system and charging service. We can control all types of hardware.

ChargeNode Power Bar

A stylish, climate-smart aluminium beam with charging sockets for everyone.

The ChargeNode Power Bar is a proprietary stylish trunking made from climate-smart aluminium. With up to 54 integrated charging sockets that receive power from a central charging unit, the simplest way to describe the solution is an EV charger with multiple sockets.

  • Flexible, cost-effective installation
  • Supreme durability (service life at least 20 years) and simple maintenance
  • No expensive ground works
  • and simple maintenance
  • Smart output optimisation
    16-100A circuit breakers or load balancing with the property can provide up to 22 kW per charging socket.
One central charging cabinet, unlimited charging sockets.

All our patent-pending charging technology needs is a central charging unit that distributes charges to sockets located in the power bar, one for each parking area. Unlimited possibilities, in other words.

No expensive ground works

Our smart power bar solution can be installed on a wall, as a post or on a handrail mounted on ground screws. All of the wiring is concealed in ducting. This means you avoid expensive groundwork.

ChargeNode Power Light

Our stylish lighting bollards are our take on charging posts, but with lighting and four integrated charging sockets on top. A charging station controls and distributes charges between the lighting bollards’ charging sockets in real time. Charging and lighting all in one. Brilliant!

  • Bright, safe parking
  • Developed together with Westal, an illustrious company in the field of luminaires
  • For charging sockets per bollard
  • Service life at least 20 years
  • 16-100A circuit breakers or load balancing with the property can provide up to 22 kW per charging socket.
Long service life. Low lifetime costs

By developing and building everything in-house, we’re able to combine function and sustainability with stylish design. You can bank on a service life of at least 20 years. Thanks to a 10-year depreciation period, you enjoy an lifetime cost that is hard to beat.

Designs that always stand out

Our lighting bollards give parking areas a sober, stylish expression and create a safer environment. Round the clock.

Charging boxes or charging posts

We collaborate with leading manufacturers Zaptec and Charge Amps, and have integrated the actual charging service with their boxes. Simple and smart in other words. And ideal for our Nordic climate. It’s also possible for new customers with existing charging points to expand using ChargeNode’s charging system without having two software services to administer for billing, managing and operating their charging infrastructure..

Zaptec Pro

Zaptec Pro is a smart, safe and intuitive charging box that is ideal for housing associations and other major parking installations, and can be integrated with ChargeNode’s software.

Charge Amps

A series of intelligent, sustainable charging boxes that can be integrated seamlessly with ChargeNode’s smart ecosystem, developed for our Nordic climate.

Fast chargers

Technically known as DC chargers, they can charge an EV under one hour. They require a power rating and installation that differs entirely from our solution, which uses AC chargers and load balancing with the property. But we can solve that if needs be.

The central charging cabinet is at the heart of all EV charging

All sensitive electronics are located in a central charging cabinet. With a depreciation period of 10 years and an estimated 20-year component service life, you get a solution that has an unbeatable lifetime cost. Also, because our charging technology requires a lower power rating, you enjoy lower electrical operating costs.


To figure out the best kind of hardware to use, we begin by analysing your needs and how the site looks. Then we propose a type of EV charging that is best suited to your parking area, the number of sockets you will need and where they should be located. With a flexible charging system comprising power bars, lighting bollards and charging boxes, we can tailor a solution for every car park imaginable.

Load balancing

Every property has a service cable that determines available output, but with our super-smart software we can optimise and distribute available output to connected EVsbased on departure time and the amount of electricity each EV can receive. Everyone gets the desired charge without your having to increase output in the property.

Our charging service

Our charging service controls all EV charging. People charging EVS control and pay using our app. It has everything you need. How much you pay each time you park, receipts and other stuff you need when parking, including our super-fast support. People managing the installation, e.g. a housing association, hotel chain or a company, can keep tabs on the system via our cloud-based portal. It’s where you set prices and manage access, operations and billing.


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