EV charging for properties loaded with benefits

The smartest, most cost-effective charging system on the market.

ChargeNode’s EV charging is a complete solution for any property’s parking needs. It all makes sense; it’s smart, stylish and worry-free. By offering EV charging, you’re making a conscious, eco-friendly choice to help the transition to a fossil-free society. And raising the value of the property.

Why ChargeNode?

  • A 50% grant for the investment cost
  • The most cost-effective EV charging on the market
  • A worry-free total solution from project planning to operation
  • Smart EV charging service that takes care of all administration
  • Tailor-made solutions for every property

A scalable EV charging system with centralised charging technology

Our EV charging system means worry-free ownership. And the market’s best-looking installations. Our power bar and lighting bollards have built-in charging sockets controlled by a single central charging cabinet. You avoid expensive groundwork. Because some places are better suited to charging boxes, we collaborate with market leaders like Zaptec and Charge Amps. We naturally integrate them in our charging systems.

A worry-free end-to-end solution with the lowest lifetime cost

Our end-to-end solution includes planning, installation, operation and payment solutions, always with a 3-year warranty. A service life of at least 20 years and 10-year depreciations add up to the market’s lowest lifetime cost. Super-smart and worry-free. Especially as we throw in ChargeNode Care – our service and support package.

More revenue, less work

Offer charging and bill users just like you do for parking. You choose the electricity surcharge, we take care of operations and customer payments. Keep tabs on everything in our portal.

Lower power requirement

With smart optimisation and output sharing, 35-63A (3-phase) is ample in large buildings. And naturally, load balancing is possible for your building.

Smart control

Our smart EV charging service lets you monitor access, operation and billing. Your employees and visitors control charging and pay through our easy-to-use app.

An EV charging service that controls all EV charging on the market

If you’ve already installed charging boxes or posts, we can integrate them with our EV charging service. We control all types of hardware, and you keep tabs on everything in our portal.

EV charging attracts tenants

These days, it’s more or less taken for granted that company vehicles are EVs. Also, more people are choosing to work where charging is available. EV charging shows that a landlord attaches great importance to the environment, sustainability and good service, and tenants appreciate this.

Don’t miss out on your EV charger grant

The climate leap initiative will be reintroduced for visitor chargers in public spaces and there is a new grant for non-public charging. The grants cover up to 50% of the investment. We’ll help you with the application process.


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