ChargeNode Care

Service and support all the way.

Because charging should be easy for everyone, we developed both the hardware and the software. We created smart solutions that supervise the system and functions to optimise all charging. The outcome is a worry-free end-to-end solution from first contact to fully charged. We call it ChargeNode Care.

We’re all charged up and ready to help

Whether you’re an installation owner or charging customer, we’ll guide you through operations and support cases. Our world-class experts have many years’ experience of chargers, EVs and outputs. We provide a reliable roadmap and an optimally sustainable solution for many years ahead. So lean back and relax. Our team is all charged up and ready to serve you whenever you need them.

Full control with our portal and operating platform

You always have access to our portal, where you can easily administer users, prices and any discounts, and benefit from any valuable charging statistics (number of charged kWh, charging sessions, etc.). We also monitor our operation and safeguard your charging installation’s uptime in the portal.

Because every charging socket is connected to our cloud-based operating platform, we can monitor and control sockets remotely. We always offer mobile connection with access to one or more mobile networks. Whenever possible, we also connect the customer’s hard-wired internet. In case of temporary power cuts, our battery backup allows us to search for faults and remedy them remotely (applies to the ChargeNode Charging System).

Unbeatable support x 4

We’re on our toes round-the-clock. We have a watertight system that knows when something goes wrong. 24/7. This is proactivity at its best, in a four-step approach.

If a customer detects a fault, our able support staff are our first line of defence. They have answers to most questions that concern charging, EVs and a great deal more. Either by phone or email.

Still have questions that needs straightening out? In the second step we pass you on to Tech support. They have profound technical skills concerning e.g. charging boxes, systems and our app. They are truly world-class.

Our third step is for truly complicated issues. Our system developers get to grips with them, and they know everything about our software and hardware.

And last but not least, in cases that require a visit to the site, we have a nationwide network of in-house certified service technicians. What’s more, we have every imaginable kind of documentation for installers. Training, videos and manuals. And VIP support from our service technicians’ organisation.

We make things easy for you and take away the hassle

Should something go wrong when charging, we have answers to FAQs in our mobile app. EV charging customers have access to this. Here’s where you activate charging and receive charging status updates. Support also provides information and assistance here. You can also call or email 24/7 if you have any questions. All year round.

Real-time monitoring

We have built-in round-the-clock monitoring and self-repair for critical functions in our charging solutions. The more data the system processes, the better it gets at identifying and repairing any faults itself.

Thanks to the platform’s remote monitoring and control abilities, we’re able to

  • update software
  • restart and reset parts or all of the system
  • remedy software-related faults
  • and receive alarms and notifications

ChargeNode Care+

If your operation is fully dependent on EV charging and every charging system shutdown is a problem, we recommend ChargeNode Care+. It includes:

  • Telephone support 24/7
  • VIP telephone number and email address for support
  • ChargeNode Care+ may be concluded in places where ChargeNode has certified service personnel
  • Priority troubleshooting and guaranteed turnout time

Annual checks

The service life of the system and components is prolonged through annual checks. You can then be certain that charging will always function. The following is included:

  • Charge test of all sockets 
  • Charging system review and function test 
  • Internet access and speed test 
  • Safety review of cable runs (value readings) 
  • Preparation of control documentation 
  • Report showing measures required 
  • Wear part inspections. Component replacement as necessary (components invoiced according to current price list) 


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