Why does my charge pause without me doing anything?

Our system ensures that all cars receive the desired charge for a given period of time. You control this by setting how much battery you have when the car is plugged into a charging socket and what departure time you have set. This means that ChargeNode does not charge all checked-in cars at the same […]

What effect can I expect?

Most charging points are equipped with 22kW three-phase charging. We have some sites where it is 7kW and single phase. How much power you get is up to the car. Typically, a pure electric car can charge at 16kW three-phase and a hybrid can charge at 3.7kW single-phase.

How do I change to the correct battery size in the app?

If the kWh does not match what your car has, correct it to get the correct charge by following the steps below: 1) Press the pen (located to the right of your entered car) 2) Tap > More information 3) Change to the correct kWh on the lines > Battery kWh and Battery real 4) […]

I can’t get the charging started

Make sure you have the correct area code and entered the correct site number. Clarification: If you have location services activated on your mobile phone, an area code nearby may sometimes appear. Make sure you have the correct area code in the app for the area you parked in. If it is a public car […]

I can’t find my car model in the app

If you can’t find your car model, you can easily find it by: 1) Click on the box – My car make is missing 2) Choose Other Electric Car or Other Hybrid Car If the kWh doesn’t match what your car has, change it to get the right charge by: 3) Press the pen (located […]