Our mobile charging system

Charging when there's something big going on

Sometimes big things happen in a short period of time. It could be a festival, a construction project or tourist seasons that come and go. Then our mobile charging system is perfect for you.

Easy to install and easy to use.

Visitors download our app, activate the parking and pay for their charge. You decide how much of a mark-up you want to apply, we take care of the billing. As an administrator, it is also easy to monitor and allocate costs.

You don’t have to think about ground work or complicated electrical work. Our Swedish-made and robust charging centres are connected with a standard 3-phase plug and have nine charging sockets. This means that everyone can charge. However many they are.

How it works

We have developed a system that maximises the available charging power and distributes it between the cars that are connected, when they are about to leave, the charging capacity of the cars and the desired charging rate.

Installation sketch

With ChargeNode Portable you can easily create 10 temporary charging spots. The installation requires neither earthworks nor electricians. Only access to fused 3-phase plug, 32A needed.

Technical specification

Charging centre

  • Capsule – 1734mm x 1440mm x 349 mm, legs are 700mm
  • Weight: 150kg
  • Connection: 63A CEE-don
  • 4G internet router integrated with dual sim card
  • 3 st simultaneous charges
  • 9 st 32A outputs to external charging posts with Type2 sockets
  • Earth leakage switch Type B

Charging sockets

  • 9 st Type-2 sockets, distributed on 5 pcs double drawers and 1 pcs single drawer
  • 22 kW available power per outlet
  • 5 st outlet with 5-15m 32A cable


  • App for activation of charging and payment
  • Portal via molntjänst with admin-interface for monitoring and reporting

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