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General conditions

Charge Node Europé AB’s (“ChargeNode”) general terms and conditions for users regarding ChargeNode’s charging service.

Valid from 2020-01-01.

Section 1 ChargeNode's charging service (the "Charging Service")

ChargeNode offers charging services at third-party owned charging stations that are public and non-public.
All charging stations are considered connected to ChargeNode’s network of charging stations.
The provisions of these Terms and Conditions relating to the Charging Service and the use of the ChargeNode app (i.e. purchase and payment for charging) cover charging at ChargeNode network charging stations.
Charging stations included in the ChargeNode network are clearly marked with the ChargeNode logo.

2 § ChargeNodes App

To access the Charging Service and to use the ChargeNodes charging stations, the User needs to download and register in the ChargeNodes App.
The App can be downloaded via
ChargeNode may conduct customary credit checks on Users.
The app is only valid on the charging stations that are part of the ChargeNode network.
The network includes public and non-public charging stations.
Each app is entitled to charge at the public charging stations, but may be restricted at non-public locations depending on the charging station owner’s settings.
The cost of each recharge is recorded on the holder of the app.
use of the Charging Service is considered at all times as an acknowledgement of charging and conclusion of the contract for the purchase of charging between the User and ChargeNode or charging station owners connected to ChargeNode.
Users undertake to keep their username and password confidential so that unauthorised persons do not gain access to them.
If unauthorized transactions have been made with the User’s user data, the User shall report the matter to the Police.

3 § Equipment and use of ChargeNodes charging stations

The user is responsible for providing a Mode 3 Type 2 cable for AC charging at stations with Mode 3 Type 2 outlets, where required.
Each charging station owner in the ChargeNode network is responsible for ensuring that the charging stations comply with applicable standards, laws and regulations.
The charging capacity depends on several factors, such as the technical conditions of the electric car, the charging level of the car battery and the capacity of the charging station, of which the component with the lowest capacity will determine the power that the electric car can absorb.
ChargeNode cannot therefore guarantee that charging an electric car will be completed within any maximum time limit or with any minimum power.
Furthermore, ordered charging through ChargeNode’s app means that Users are placed in a charging queue, based on charging needs and departure time.
Depending on the load at any given time, Users cannot be guaranteed a certain amount of charging.
However, Users will only pay for the charge received by Users.
Instructions on how to use the ChargeNode charging stations are available on or near the charging stations.

4 § Accessibility

The charging service is available to the User 24 hours a day, but in practice the possibility of charging may be limited, for example.
by certain charging stations not being accessible at certain times due to
specific restrictions.
ChargeNode strives to ensure that charging stations in the ChargeNode network are operational to the greatest extent possible.
Should the charging station experience a technical fault, ChargeNode will attempt to rectify the fault as quickly as possible.
ChargeNode reserves the right, without compensation to the User, to modify, restrict access to, or disable the Charging Service or charging station for e.g.
updates, maintenance and error correction or as a result of force majeure conditions beyond ChargeNode’s control.

5 § Payment

Use of the Charging Service in the form of charging history is saved for the registered user account.
Based on the charging history, the cost to be paid by the User is calculated.
Payment for the completed charge is made in arrears on the 28th of the month.
The user undertakes to ensure that sufficient funds are available on the credit or debit card when the charge is due.
ChargeNode reserves the right to continue to charge the fees, as well as to make new attempts to complete the payment until payment is made.
The User is liable to pay ChargeNode for all use of the Charging Service carried out with the User’s User Account.
The user is responsible for providing updated card details.
See §12 for Use of the ChargeNode mobile application.
If payment is not made on time, ChargeNode is entitled to claim from the User, in addition to the invoice amount, interest in accordance with the Interest Act (1975:635) from the due date stated in the invoice and compensation for the costs associated with the delay.
This also includes the costs of written reminders and the costs of enforcing payment or other obligations.
ChargeNode also has the right to suspend a User if the payment conditions are not met.
(See also § 9 Validity of the Agreement)

6 § Obligation to pay for the charging service.

Once the User has registered his/her means of payment, ChargeNode has the right to charge the User for the charging service as described in § 5.
The User is not entitled to a refund for the use of the Charging Service.

7 § Consumption data and personal data

ChargeNode will keep a charging history for each User (which includes, for example, information on the charging station used, electricity drawn, amount and time of use of the Charging Service.) The charging history is the basis for billing Users.
Personal data and data related to the User’s use of the Charging Service and the charging stations will be processed and stored by ChargeNode, other group companies or ChargeNode’s partners in accordance with applicable law and to the extent necessary for the administration and performance of the agreement with the User and related services.
Collected data will also be processed in connection with business and product development, statistics, market and User analysis and direct marketing (provided that Users have not notified ChargeNode that they object to direct marketing).
This processing is based on ChargeNode’s legitimate interest.
Data collected is stored for the duration of your active contract with us and thereafter for the time necessary to finalise your contractual relationship with ChargeNode.
Personal data is not normally provided to companies in countries outside the EU or EEA area.
However, if this is done, ChargeNode ensures that all legal requirements are met.
Users may obtain information free of charge once a year on the processing of personal data relating to Users.
Users may also request the rectification, blocking or erasure of personal data that has not been processed in accordance with the applicable legislation.
Further information on personal data at ChargeNode is available at

8 § Liability for errors etc.

ChargeNode shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the lack of compatibility between the User’s vehicle and the charging station, or from the User’s use of the Charging Service or the charging station in violation of the instructions and technical requirements in effect from time to time, as set forth in this Agreement or as otherwise made available to the User by ChargeNode.
ChargeNode shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages attributable to damage to the User’s property arising from the User’s use of the Charging Service or the Charging Station.
Users are not entitled to damages because a charging station is shut down or out of order.
User is responsible for complying with all guidelines and requirements in accordance with the instructions provided by ChargeNode from time to time.
This includes responsibility for ensuring that the electric vehicle used by User in connection with the Charging Service meets all charging requirements.
The User is also responsible for ensuring that the User’s user account cannot be exploited or used by unauthorised persons.
ChargeNode reserves the right to block the User Account with immediate effect, if there is a risk of unsafe use, suspicion of unauthorized use or risk that the User does not fulfill its obligations to ChargeNode.

9 § Transfer of contract

User agrees that ChargeNode may assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part, on the same terms and conditions, to another company within the same group or to another party that can reasonably be expected to perform the obligations under the Agreement in a satisfactory manner.
User shall not be entitled to assign or transfer to another, in whole or in part, its rights or obligations under the Agreement.

10 § Validity of the agreement

These terms and conditions apply until further notice.
ChargeNode has the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if User breaches these Terms and Conditions or uses the Charging Service or a Charging Station in such a way that inconvenience or damage is caused to ChargeNode.

11 § Amendment of conditions

ChargeNode has the right to change these Terms provided that Users are notified via the App or email of the change at least 14 days before the change takes effect.
In such cases, User shall be deemed to have been notified two days after the email is sent or the update is communicated in the App.

Section 12 Dispute

Disputes concerning the application or interpretation of this Agreement or related matters shall be settled primarily by negotiation and agreement between the Parties.
Any dispute shall be settled by a general court, in which case Swedish law shall apply.
Disputes may also be heard by the General Complaints Board.

13 § Use of the Chargenode mobile application

ChargeNode offers a mobile application that allows you to find stations and pay for charging at ChargeNode charging stations.
ChargeNode reserves the right to shut down the ChargeNode mobile application at any time, without compensation to Users.
Users are not entitled to any damages due to the ChargeNode mobile application being out of service.

§ A Function and use of ChargeNode payment solution

    1. Charging with ChargeNode: Users can start and end charging by using the corresponding Smartphone application – whereby a prior registration is required as per.
      § 3.
    2. Charging fees: charging fees are adjusted according to the cost structure of each partner.
      Information on this, whether and through which partner the recharge charges arise, as well as the respective level of these recharge charges, can be found by Users on the internet platform of the respective partner.

§ B Registration of payment cards

    1. The data below is required for payment card registration and is needed for the payment of charging fees incurred from use at charging stations and any service fees.
      The following data are required for the registration of payment cards:

      • E-mail address for receipt.
      • Indication of the method of payment.
      • First name of payment card holder.
      • Last name of payment card holder.
      • Payment card number.
      • Payment card control number.
      • Validity date.
    2. The payment of the charge is made via the payment card indicated by the User in the registration procedure.

§ C Obligation to pay charging fees and service charges.

    1. User’s payment obligation: when the User registers his/her payment card, ChargeNode is mandated to collect, on behalf of the Partner, the charging fees and service fees incurred through the use of the charging stations.
      A reclaim from the User as a result of objections or complaints with regard to services received is excluded after the deadline according to §C 3 .
    2. Receipt management: users can choose to have a receipt sent to the e-mail address registered in the app.
    3. Objections to billing must be submitted by the User within eight weeks of the billing to
      Users’ legal claims remain unaffected by this.

§ D Data protection

    1. Users give their express consent to the automated storage and processing of their personal data.
      Users may withdraw their consent at any time with effect for the future.
      Use of ChargeNode is then no longer possible.
    2. ChargeNode ensures the confidentiality of data processing in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and is subject to checks by the country’s data protection authorities.
    3. The data is used for the purpose of charging Users by registered payment card.

§ G Amendments or additions to the General Terms and Conditions

    1. ChargeNode will provide Users with changes to the General Terms and Conditions in writing at least 14 days prior to their effective date.
      If the User does not object by the effective date of the changes, the consent given will be deemed to have been given.
    2. Users are also entitled to terminate the User Agreement before changes take effect without notice and free of charge.
      ChargeNode will likewise specifically disclose this right of termination.

14 § Contact details

Charge Node Europé AB, company registration number 559188-1130

Fläskebovägen 6
SE 438 91 Landvetter

Email: anvä
Telephone: +46 10-205 10 55