How it works

Optimised EV charging

We do things a little bit differently. To make best use of the available output and provide visitors with the desired charge when they need it, we use a smart queuing system.

Can’t we just charge all EVs at the same time?

Unfortunately not. At least not to full power, that’s technically impossible because every property has a service cable that determines the available output. Also, output is affected by what goes on in the property around the clock. And of course, by the number of EVs charging.

Our super-smart software optimises and distributes available output based on the number of connected EVs, departure times, vehicle charging capacity and the desired charge. The people who need to leave first get charged first, while the others are charged later. Everyone gets charged without your having to raise the property’s power rating.

Get moving with our app and portal

Charging your EV?

We know what you’re thinking. Yet another app. But this is not just any old app, it has everything you need. How much you pay each time you park, receipts and other stuff you need when parking.

Here’s what to do:

  • Download the app the first time you arrive
    at one of our car parks
  • Register
  • Enter your departure time
  • State your current battery level

If other EVs will be leaving before you, you will be placed in a queue. To make maximum use of available output, the queue is based primarily on departure time, and secondly on battery level.

People charging their EVs use our app, and people taking care of the system can rely on our cloud-based portal. Simple and smart.

Facility installers and operators

In other words, the end user controls and pays for the battery charge via our app. For installation operators this could be a housing association, or a hotel chain or a company where you keep tabs on the entire system via our cloud-based portal. It is where you set prices and monitor access, operations and billing.

What is load balancing?

All car parks have a certain available output for EV charging. This is adapted to how much output is available in the property and how much electricity the property is consuming at the moment. This naturally varies during the course of a day, and differs between e.g. a housing association, a workplace or a hotel.

When everyone at work are using their computers, drinking coffee and the ventilation is maxed out, there is less output and costs are higher. Things are calmer in the evening, but households are running at full chat. You understand. Our charging stations are smart at distributing output; the people leaving first get to charge first, while people staying longer have to wait their turn. This way every EV gets charged quickly and efficiently.

The charging technology offers 16-63A circuit breakers or load balancing with the property and can provide up to 22 kW per charging socket.

Centralised charging

The centralised charging issue is very complicated technically, but because we have smart engineers, we succeeded in building a system that is incredibly cost-effective, reliable and sustainable.

Only the charging sockets are located in each parking bay; the charging station is centrally located. This means we don’t have to install expensive charging boxes at every bay in a car park. All electrical components are well protected in a robust charging cabinet that can be located indoors or out. Safe, sustainable and reliable.

Centraliserad laddning

Important consideration

As you understand, there are several factors that determine how quickly you will receive the charge you want. In certain situations, you will not get the desired charge. Typically, these include:

EVs all have different abilities to receive a charge. For example, a BEV can receive a charge more quickly than a hybrid.

Load balancing. As already discussed, it is available output that determines how much charge you will get. And this varies during the course of the day and how much the property’s service cable can supply.

Each socket can supply max 22 kW.

Placed in a queue. This simply means you must wait in a queue for a charge. Because you have entered your departure time, you will always receive a charge in time. So there’s no need to worry if charging doesn’t begin right away.

ChargeNode’s app will show you what it will cost to charge your EV in the car park you are currently in.


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