Large-scale EV charging

Flexible, worry-free charging infrastructure.

We are an end-to-end EV charging partner with a service that can be integrated into existing charging stations and business systems. You can also add power bars, lighting bollards and charging boxes. Invest in the market’s leading total solution for nationwide EV charging. It’s not only sustainable, but also worry-free.

Why ChargeNode?

  • A smart charging service that can be integrated with existing charging systems.
  • The most complete EV charging solutions on the market
  • A worry-free total solution from project planning to operation.

An EV charging service that controls all EV charging on the market

Our charging service can be integrated into existing charging systems. ChargeNode monitors operations and takes care of billing, support for users and charging point maintenance. The platform handles dynamic pricing and output optimisation and also supports the market’s leading charging box suppliers such as Zaptec, Charge Amps, CTEK and Garo. Worry-free administration, in other words.

Full control and support

All statistics and history are available in our customer portal. You have access to the Data API for statistics retrieval and parking company apps such as EasyPark and APCOA Flow. There are integration possibilities with your business system, and the ability to create a company account that is not linked to the charging service customer, e.g. employees. Did we forget anything? Don’t think so.

Service and Support

In addition to all the information for your EV charging customers in our portal and app, we’re only ever just a phone call away. We’re your advisor and partner from start to fully charged.

Your contribution to a greener future

Investing in large-scale EV charging sends positive signals to the world at large. It promotes the development of eco-friendly vehicles. Let’s discuss the market’s smartest large-scale EV charging and help make Sweden fossil-free by 2030.

Guaranteed, end-to-end solution

Our end-to-end solution includes design, installation and operation and payment solutions, always with a 3-year warranty. You can bank on a service life of at least 20 years. Super-smart, worry-free!


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