The worry-free charging service

Welcome to our world of worry-free EV charging.

We make things easy for you. We are a reliable, stable EV charging partner who takes care of every kind of EV charging. Our charging service manages everything quickly and simply, and also includes flexible service, the fastest imaginable support, appropriate pricing and simple billing.

An EV charging service that controls everything

Optimised EV charging

Our super-smart software optimises and distributes available output based on the number of connected EVs, departure times, vehicle charging capacity and the desired charge. Without your having to raise the property’s power rating. We call it optimised EV charging.

We help you with pricing

It’s easy to schedule prices and change prices whenever you want. You choose your local area; you choose your currency. We manage all payment flows, and you get your money straight into your account. Simple, hassle-free ways to charge the right prices.

Simple payments

We manage all payment flows smoothly and worry-free through self-billing. ChargeNode collects fees for all EV charging, and you receive your money every quarter via plusgiro or bankgiro.

Dynamic pricing

We monitor the market and base our prices on those set by Nordpool, and average them over the month in what is known as variable monthly pricing. It’s as flexible as a skilful skipper on a stormy sea. Dynamic pricing means you don’t have to worry and you avoid unpleasant surprises.

ChargeNode Care

We keep tabs on everything and know how everything works as we develop and produce both the software and hardware. This lets us stay nimble and provide our customers with feedback, good advice, service and support.

Proactive support

Should anything go wrong, we have the solution in-house. We solve most things remotely, as often as not before our customers even have an inkling that anything has happened.

The portal that speaks clearly for itself

We handle everything and keep tabs on things for you. But it can still be good to know how it’s all moving along. Like how many people are charging, and when. You can find all prices, statistics and history on your pages in our portal. It’s here you administer your users, and we monitor operations and safeguard your charging installation’s uptime.

The mobile app that helps your customers

Customers always have free access to ChargeNode’s mobile app for iOS and Android. Here’s where you easily activate charging and receive charging status updates. And we can also inform and assist the service.


ChargeNode’s EV charging installations reign supreme when it comes to big parking areas. Power bars, bollards and charging boxes are easy to install. It all looks good, and you get a solution that is easy to expand. But what’s probably more important are all the possibilities built into the software.

Our products

Power bar, bollard and box. Sounds like three legendary football players from the days of yore, but are actually three ingenious solutions for tomorrow’s EV charging, all in the same dream team. And each is ideal for our charging service. If you already have charging boxes or posts installed, we can integrate them into the service. We control all types of hardware.

158 public charging points in Kungälv to get a new charging service.

Our charging service can be integrated with existing charging points. Our collaboration with Kungälv municipality, where we take care of the charging service in their public charging sites is a good example. We take care of billing and support and coordinate service at the charging points. All in the name of creating the best charging experience.

  • 158 public charging points spread across three parking areas
  • Operations monitoring and charging point service
  • Payment and billing services for users
  • Dynamic pricing and output optimisation
  • Customer support


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