September 19, 2022

The Blue building with green ambitions

By making conscious, long-term choices, Blå Huset has created a property that focuses on reducing the consumption of resources. Part of this work included installing EV charging for employees, customers and visitors.

EV charging for businesses.
And the future.

Blå Huset understood early on that there was a great need for EV charging, something that was also in line with the office block’s conscious environmental profile. It soon became an important issue.

“We’re aware of the impact we have on the environment and climate,” says Blå Huset’s Mattias Feldt. “Which is why it’s so important for us to stay ahead of the game. Within five years, 80% of company vehicles will almost certainly be hybrid or EVs. It’s also why we chose to install 53 charging sockets with integrated outlets in our car park. By making EV charging available in as many parking bays as possible, we will enable customers to avoid moving their cars around during working hours.”


"ChargeNode’s software and hardware provided us with an economically advantageous solution with many parking bays and cutting-edge technology."

Mattias Feldt, Blå Huset

Offering charging points is a no-brainer

“The work from contract to system commissioning with various design solutions for charging EVs went very smoothly,” continued Mattias. “Something our customers appreciate. Our customer portal gives us a good overview, and our employees and visitors find the app very easy to use.

We’ve future-proofed things in a pretty smart way. Offering many charging points will be a must in the future. People will take EV charging at workplaces for granted. This means electricity companies will have to expand their networks, which is a challenge.”

Blå Huset

The installation in a nutshell

• A stylish end-to-end solution with power bar, bollards and
specially designed recessed sockets in lamp posts.

• 53 charging sockets

• Hardware painted black to provide a sober impression.

Blå huset

Blå Huset is located in Lockarp just outside of Malmö. It is a newly built office block with the vision of being Malmö’s most modern, environmentally efficient office in an area characterised by burgeoning growth. It has had its challenges, ranging from the choice of materials to energy use and the ability of employees and visitors to the office to help reduce the long-term environmental impact. The building is owned by Blå Huset AB. One of the tenants is electricity installer APQ El AB, which naturally demands high standards of efficiency, user-friendliness and design.