November 16, 2022

ChargeNode recharges guest EVs at Gothenburg’s new city resort

Gothenburg has its first internationally savvy hotel. Jacy’z Hotel & Resort is the talk of the entire hotel world, far beyond our borders. It aims to give its guests that little extra right up until checkout time, and this includes offering an efficient EV charging system.

EV charging that blends in with the international setting

ESS Group, which has already established 10 different high-class concepts, is raising the bar with Jacy’z Hotel & Resort, a destination for food, relaxation, meetings, fitness and living. And everything comes with an exclusive feel right down to the smallest detail.

Part of this generous package includes offering its guests ChargeNode’s efficient, super-simple EV charging. The installation consists of stylish black beams with a total of 45 charging points split between two levels in the hotel’s parking garage. They are aesthetically pleasing and blend in nicely with the hotel’s internationally savvy design.

“We’re very pleased to enjoy the continued trust of ESS Group. It’s confirmation that we can offer attractive, reliable solutions at the highest level. We’ve already installed half of the planned 45 charging points, and the remainder are in progress,” says Kristian Sandahl, ChargeNode CEO.

"We have very good experience of ChargeNode’s EV charging solutions, as we have installed them at several of our other hotels, so they were the natural choice for Jacy’z Hotel & Resort"

Stefan Jansson, Project Manager, Jacy’z

"It’s extremely valuable for us as a hotel to enable as many EVs as possible to trickle charge for long average periods."

Niklas Jansson, Head of Operations, Jacy’z

The installation in a nutshell


• Stylish black beams with 45 charging points

• Lage scale EV charging system with lower power needs compared to conventional systems

• Engineered to harmonize with the hotel’s savvy design

About ESS Group

Jacy’z Hotel & Resort is ESS Group’s latest and biggest investment. The company was founded in 2007 in conjunction with the acquisition of Ystad Saltsjöbad. Jacy’z is their 11th destination. The company also has 15 restaurants and clubs. Jacy’z Hotel and Resort has 233 rooms, a variety of restaurant and bar concepts, a pool club 100 metres above ground, a large conference facility, a sports club and activities such as billiards and table tennis. It takes its inspiration from 1960s Las Vegas, Miami’s clubs, LA and East Asian metropolises in a modern iteration. It is elegant, bright and airy, and international.