December 20, 2022

Jointly owned property chooses ChargeNode

Stora Sjöfallets Samfällighet

As the number of EV owners rose, a jointly owned property association (Stora Sjöfallets Samfällighetsförening) in Norra Djurgården, Stockholm, realized it was high time to install more charging sockets. Following a thorough market survey, they chose ChargeNode. Largely because it was a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution.

When the property association decided to invest seriously in a modern EV charging solution, there were not all that many association members charging cars. But pretty soon after the 15 old charging boxes had been taken down and replaced with ChargeNode’s solution, EV usage grew significantly. Today, almost 30 spaces are used every month. This constitutes a very healthy 25%.

Before the association decided on a supplier, it carried out a survey among its members which showed that half of them plan to acquire an EV within three years. Before procuring a charging system, they prepared extensive project data, calculated their requirements, and naturally checked references.

"The collaboration was excellent throughout the project, from contract signing to system operation"

Björn Fridbom, Sjöfallet housing association

There were a number of criteria that were distinctly to ChargeNode’s advantage. Costs were naturally one; there were no fixed fees, and the long service life kept total ownership costs low. Simplicity was equally as important. There was a minimum of admin for the association, and it was also easy to process payments. It’s also easy for people charging their cars – the app is as clear as crystal and there’s no need to worry about finding a special charging point. Other advantages include distance monitoring, remote control and dynamic, smart load-balancing. What’s more, the installation is stylish and attractive.

The garage is shared with Wallenstam, which has the most places, and three tenant-owner associations, all of which removed old charging boxes of various makes to install a total of 117 charging sockets from ChargeNode – one per parking space. Installing this number of charging points on a single occasion has given the parking garage a distinct green profile.

"Installing this many charging sockets in the same garage was more practical and profitable for the association. It also raises the value of our properties."

Björn Fridbom, Sjöfallet housing association

The installation in a nutshell

Stora Sjöfallets Samfällighet

• 15 old charging boxes of various makes replaced with a uniform solution.

• 4 central centralised charging cabinets that controls all charging in the garage.

• 117 charging points in a aluminium power bar. One charging point per parking bay.

About Sjöfallet housing association

Samfällighetsförening Stora Sjöfallet is located in Norra Djurgården, Stockholm; it is a jointly owned property with a garage. Formed in 2014, it is owned by Wallenstam and three different housing associations. The housing association property comprises two buildings completed in 2016 with a total of 64 apartments and two other premises.