February 10, 2023

ChargeNode takes care of charging services for 158 public charging points in Kungälv Municipality

ChargeNode has agreed with Kungälv Municipality to take care of charging services at the municipality’s public EV charging points. ChargeNode will be responsible for billing, user support and coordinating service actions at the charging points. All in the name of creating the best charging experience for locals and visitors alike.

Jimmy Sandberg, who is Operations Manager for traffic and parking for the municipality, ran the project together with Lars Svensson at ChargeNode.

What was working with ChargeNode during the project like?
– Having a supplier that is not only innovative, but who also works systematically and according to plan all the way from reviewing conditions and the contract, to getting started and running the project, is very reassuring. Good preparation makes it easier to handle any situations that may crop up during the project,” says Jimmy Sandberg.

In all, there are 158 public charging points, split between the Palissaden multi-storey car park, the Tre Kungar multi-storey car park and the Fontin exercise centre.

Jimmy Sandberg, Operations Manager, Traffic and Parking, Kungälv Municipality:

"ChargeNode offered attractive pricing with innovative solutions."

What should people bear in mind when considering an EV charging service for their charging points?
– It’s important to collaborate with others and conduct a business intelligence analysis. This makes it possible to find services and solutions that were previously unknown. The switch to EVS is proceeding apace, which sets high standards and demands our constant attention, says Jimmy Sandberg.

ChargeNode offers its operating and billing platform to companies and organizations looking for hassle-free management for both existing and new charging points. The platform supports the market’s leading suppliers, including Zaptec, ChargeAmps, CTEK and Garo.

"With our expertise and service platform, we are among those driving the development of EV charging in Sweden. We are very happy that Kungälv Municipality has placed its trust and confidence in us."

Lars Svensson, ChargeNode.

The installation in a nutshell:

  • Operational monitoring and servicing of charging points
  • Payment and debit services for users
  • Dynamic pricing and power optimisation
  • Customer support