Guide to our app

Get moving with our app

Here’s a step-by-step guide showing how to download our app and register you and your vehicle to begin charging.

If you’re already registered and would like help with changing your details, click the link below.

10 easy steps so
are you up and running


Begin by downloading the app:



Click ‘Create account’.

Enter your email and mobile telephone number (if you have a foreign number use e.g. +45…). Then click ‘Create


We’ll send a code to you via SMS. Enter the code and press the green button.

Sometimes it can take a few moments before the SMS arrives. If it does not arrive within a few minutes, press ‘Send SMS again’.

In the event of the wrong phone number, press ‘Send code via email instead’. We will then send an email with a link to automatically log you in.


Because your vehicle must be registered in order to charge it, we go immediately to ‘Add your car’ for a new account.

Enter the car’s registration number and if you want, give it a nickname. Foreign registration numbers also work.


Select the make of vehicle.

If you don’t know the make, or if the make is missing from the database, select ‘Other’ from the list.

Then you must specify if your vehicle is a BEV (battery only) or a hybrid (battery and a diesel/petrol engine).


If you do know the make and model of your vehicle (and we have it in our database), highlight it and click on ‘Select’.


Select the vehicle you want to charge.


Determine your position.

  1. An area code is specified on the ChargeNode information sign next to the parking bay, and the socket to which you connect your cable is labelled with the bay number.
  2. Press the QR code button and scan the QR code on the socket.
  3. Select your departure time (the length of time you will be parked) from now to max 24 hours.
  4. Specify the current battery charge (how full your battery is when we begin) by pulling the left handle. Specify the desired departure battery charge by pulling the right handle.

  5. Press ‘Start’. The first time you charge in a location that requires payment, you must enter a payment card.


The first time you charge in a location that requires payment, you must enter your card details.

No money is debited to the card on this occasion; we collect info on each battery charge and deduct the total amount from your card at the end of the month.

Important information!

The vehicle’s on-board app

If your vehicle has its own app (e.g. Tesla) you will keep getting push notices saying that charging has been stopped, even though the desired charge has not been reached.

You can disregard this information. If you would like battery charge status updates, they are available in the ChargeNode app.

Already registered?

How to change your information

Select ‘Account’ from the menu.

Enter your information. Provide your telephone number using the international format (+46…).

Select how you would like to be notified: SMS or text to your telephone.