The best of both worlds

We’re very fortunate to work at ChargeNode as we have the world’s best job and also get to work for a more sustainable future society. And we also like to share what sustainability means for us!

A fair and decent workplace

We believe in a fair and decent workplace. People who are happy at work have more energy and enthusiasm to contribute to our business.

It also means a company culture in which we take care of each other, show respect and have a healthy balance between work and our private lives.

Close, long-term relationships

We strive to make sure our products will have a service life of at least 20 years. Our long-term approach also means we’re bold and willing enough to invest in good relations with everyone who means something to us, i.e. our colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers. We believe this makes everything easier and more rewarding. It’s also a sustainable way to run a successful business.

Enduring profitability

When you choose our products you’re making a climate-smart investment that helps achieve a better society. Our products also have to generate lasting profitability for us and for our customers.

It means that our products must have long service lives, be frequently used and consume the fewest possible resources.

The smarter way to use resources

Our business is based on the use of nature’s resources in a smarter, more sustainable way. It’s in our DNA.

When several people can share one charger, it takes less material and fewer components. Because we use components made from recycled materials of the highest quality to the greatest extent possible, and install them in a protected environment, we’re able to achieve maximum service life with a minimum of environmental impact.


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