How much does it cost to charge?

The price is set by the customer who has purchased the system in the respective area. Each area has a so-called area code. When you enter the area code on the “start charging” page in the app, the current price will appear under location no. (See example below with area code 116)

When do you deduct the cost of my charges?

Withdrawal takes place on the 28th of each month (charges made after the 28th of the previous month) To see all charges, go under the three bars in the top left corner and select “receipts”. If you click on the month you want to see, a specification of all charges will appear, including VAT and […]

Where can I see my charges? How do I get a receipt for my charge?

Select the “receipts” tab in the app Here are the charges that have been drawn monthly. Each receipt is from the 28th day of the draw. If you want to see all charges for a month, click on the arrow to the right of the current amount. Once you have clicked on the respective monthly […]