Charging has ended

This message is sent when the departure time has elapsed, the vehicle is fully charged or if the cable has been pulled out before departure time.

No internet connection

The reason is often poor or no coverage. Please do as follows: > Try moving to another spot to see if coverage improves. Remember, you can start charging from home or any other place as long as the cable is plugged in and you know the relevant area code and the number to the socket.

Your vehicle does not want to receive a charge

Please perform the following checks: Press ‘cancel’ in the app > Unlock your car > Remove the cable from your car and the charging socket > Plug the cable in again > Try again to begin charging via the app If this does not work, change sockets and begin charging again If none of the […]

The vehicle has paused charging

You are either in a queue or your vehicle is fully charged. If the vehicle is not fully charged, do not disconnect the cable or cancel via the app.

What does a recharge cost?

The owner of the system in each respective area sets the price. Each area has an area code. When you enter the area code on the ‘begin charging’ page in the app, the applicable price will be shown under the bay number; see the example below with area code 116. If you would like to […]