Charging has ended

This message is sent when the departure time has elapsed, the vehicle is fully charged or if the cable is unplugged before departure time.

No internet connection

Often the cause is poor or no coverage. Actions we ask you to test: > Feel free to move around to see if coverage can be improved.> Remember that you can start charging from home or elsewhere as long as the cable is plugged in and you know the current area code and the number […]

Charging will begin soon depending on the specified departure time

Everything is in order. You have begun charging; other vehicles are already charging and you have been placed in a queue. Do not select cancel in the app or remove the cable, even if your EV’s app shows charging may have ended. You’ve just been placed in a queue, check the ChargeNode app instead.

We cannot connect to your vehicle or cable

Our charger senses a cable in the socket. However, there is no contact between the cable and the car. Please perform the following checks: Remove the cable from the EV and the socket and plug it in againBe sure to plug the cable in again properly and try charging using the appIf this does not […]