Mobile charging system

Mobile, super-smart EV charging

Perfect for construction sites and event car parks.

ChargeNode Portable is an entirely unique, mobile solution for EV charging. Perfect for every temporary charging point.

Our sturdy, Swedish-made charging cabinets are connected to regular 3-phase power and includes 10 charging sockets. They can be connected without groundworks or electricians.

Visitors simply activate and pay for charging using ChargeNode?s smart app. You choose the electricity surcharge and we take care of billing.

Mobil laddare

Technical specification

Charging cabinet

  • Encapsulation ? 100?50?50 cm, Weight: 35 kg
  • Output requirement 3-phase, 32A
  • 4G internet integrated router with twin SIM card capability
  • 3 ? simultaneous chargings
  • 2 ? Type 2 sockets, Phoenix Contact 7/22kW
  • 8 ? CEE outlets to external charging posts
  • Residual current device Type B, ABB

Charging socket

  • 2 ? 7/22kW Type 2 Phoenix Contact sockets on the charging cabinet
  • 8 ? 7kW Type 2 Phoenix Contact sockets on the post
  • 2 ? posts with 5 m 32A cable, 2 ? posts with 12.5 m 32A cable


  • App for activating charging and payment
  • Cloud service with admin interface for monitoring and reporting

Installation diagram

With ChargeNode Portable, it?s easy to create 10 temporary charging points. No ground works or electricians are necessary for installation. All you need is access to a 32A 3-phase connector.



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