Tenant-owner association

A supersmart and sustainable investment.

Increase the value of your association with fair, smart and scalable charging.
App & cloud service

Charged with super smart steering

Users control and pay for charging with our simple app. Property owners monitor and administer easily with our smart cloud service.
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Raise the value, not the power rating

An investment in EV charging adds value over the long term. Also, choosing a scalable solution makes scaling up easy when more people decide to drive EVs. Thanks to our extensive experience in installing flexible, scalable charging systems, we can help you make the right choice. Our solution lets everyone in the association charge their cars without raising the property’s power rating. We raise the value of the property instead.

Our scalable charging system

With our patent-pending charging system you enjoy worry-free ownership, a 10-year depreciation period and the lowest total cost.

Centralised charging technology

A single sturdy charging cabinet can charge up to 54 cars. Each parking bay only needs one charging socket with an output of up to 22 kW. The system can be scaled up to hundreds of charging points.

Minimal groundwork

With our stylish power bar solution, you’ll avoid cable laying and expensive groundwork.

Lower power requirement

With smart optimisation and output sharing, 35-63A (3-phase) is ample in large buildings. Fuse protection and load-balancing with your building are of course included.

Smart control

Our smart cloud services let you monitor access, operation and invoicing. Visitors control charging and our easy-to-use app makes payment simple.

Guaranteed, end-to-end solution

Our end-to-end solution includes planning, installation, operation and payment solutions, always with a 3-year warranty.



Don’t miss out on your EV charger grant

The climate leap initiative allows associations a deduction of up to 50 per cent of the cost when you install EV chargers. We can help you all the way through the application process.

Fully charged with super-smart control

  • All you need to do to activate and control charging is download our app.
  • Our cloud service makes it easy for associations to provide access, monitor operations, see electricity consumption per user and bill them.
Your guests can also charge their cars. They use our app to activate and pay for charging. You decide if you want to add a surcharge to the electricity price.
Charge electric car

Why you should choose us

Charge electric car

Innovative and optimised

EVs rarely need to charge more than 2–3 hours. But in tenant-owner associations, they’re often parked for a long while, especially at night. Installing a charging box in every parking bay and maybe having to invest in a larger power supply cable from the mains is not particularly cost-effective. Our innovative charging technology distributes available output from a central charging cabinet to the connected vehicles. Because charging is optimised for each EV’s parking time, charge requirement and battery capacity, up to 54 vehicles can share a single charging cabinet, and each vehicle can charge at up to 22 kW. What’s more, the system can be scaled up to hundreds of charging points.

Stylish and eco-friendly

Our solution only requires one charging socket for each parking bay. This allows the outlets to be neatly and discreetly integrated into your parking environment.
Charge electric car
Ett robust laddskåp

Durable and reliable

All sensitive electronics are separated from the charging sockets and brought together in a central charging cabinet with the highest IP Rating. The charging cabinets are manufactured in Sweden using standard components of very high quality. This makes for a reliable charging environment and a service life of more than 20 years. And for the sake of your peace of mind, all of our installations come with a 3-year warranty.
What do our customers have to say?
“ChargeNode’s centralized charging system provides efficient economies of scale, increased flexibility and is easy to expand as needs increase. Because the software optimizes charging per car based on, among other things, departure time and the number of connected cars, we were able to install 72 seats without having to upgrade other electrical infrastructure or electricity subscriptions.”
Andreas Tullberg Brf Haga Nova

Worthwhile questions

Yes. Because our charging system’s output is optimised through load-balancing (3.0), it can be installed in all properties. This means our charging system will never overload the electrical system.
Our sturdy charging cabinets can be installed in many ways, both indoors and out. Many customers choose to install trunking, i.e. a hollow rail available in many colours that runs in front of the parking bays. This requires no ground works. The outlets can also be installed in lighting bollards or directly on walls / façades. Smart and stylish.
It will need hard-wire access to the internet and a 16 A or greater supply cable, depending on the rate of use.
Well, how about a scalable charging solution with a long service life and depreciation time? A smaller power supply cable compared to conventional charging box solutions. And a super-smart charging system where sensitive electrical components are gathered together and protected in a sturdy charging cabinet. In an installation free from groundwork. And last but not least, minimal maintenance.
We can take care of all user billing. Users register their payment cards in our app and are then debited monthly or on each occasion they charge their vehicle. Easy peasy. Choose between billing based on user consumption (number of kWh) and/or on a fixed price (standard) per month. If you prefer to look after billing yourself, invoice templates are available from our cloud service.

Sounds pretty smart, eh?

We’d love to tell you more.