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1. Introduction – what is personal data?

Personal data is all types of information that is directly or indirectly attributable to a living natural person. Charge Node Europé AB is the personal data controller for the data you provide via or which is collected by us from other sources. Charge Node Europé AB always processes personal data with great respect for personal privacy. Below is a description of your rights, the guidelines that Charge Node Europé AB applies and how we process and store personal data. The guidelines never restrict your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or any other legally binding provisions. Contact details for the personal data controller and data protection officer can be found under item 12. Contacts

2. Collection of personal data

Unless otherwise specified, the information on this page applies to Charge Node Europé AB and to the website For further information on personal data processing, etc. within other companies owned by Charge Node Europé AB, please refer to the respective companies and their websites, if any.

3. ChargeNode websites

Normally, can be visited without personal data being collected. We will only collect information used for statistical purposes, and the visitor will remain anonymous. Examples of such information are the time of the visit, the duration of the visit and the pages visited. Charge Node Europé AB also uses cookies to make sure the functions and services on the website work correctly. You can read more about cookies at When a customer visits Charge Node Europé AB’s log-in services, the visit may be linked to the logged-in person’s customer number. This allows Charge Node Europé AB to provide more relevant and personalised communications to individual customers.

4. Personal data categories

The personal data categories we usually collect are: Customer information – i.e. the information necessary for you to become a customer with us. Examples include your name, address, email address, telephone number, national insurance number, company registration number, bank details, vehicle registration number and GPS position. Purchase information – i.e. products and services purchased, credit rating, payment history, customer number and password. Technical information – electricity and network provider, installation identifier and type of connection. Service information – i.e. correspondence on specific issues, purchase details, and any complaints or claims. Answers to customer surveys and feedback about our goods and services. Where appropriate, information provided in connection with competitions or other customer loyalty programs. Demographic information (from public records) – i.e. age, gender, dwelling floor space, household make-up, etc. Visit information at log-in services – i.e. purchase and user-generated data, passwords, technical data regarding the device used, interaction data (visit time, response times, how to reach and leave the service, and more). Specific categories of personal data (defined in Article 9 (1) of the GDPR) are only processed in exceptional cases. We need your consent to process personal data in such cases. There are also occasions when we are legally obliged to collect and process sensitive personal data of this kind.

5. Information when data is collected

When personal data is provided to us, the person providing his or her personal data will be informed about which Charge Node Europé AB company is responsible for processing the personal data, for what purpose and on what legal basis the personal data is collected; the contact details of the data controller and data protection officer and the customer’s rights for as long as the data is stored. If you feel the information is unclear or incomplete, please contact Charge Node Europé AB for complete information.

6. Purpose and legal basis for processing

We only collect personal data for purposes supported by the applicable data protection regulations. Usually, the data is collected for processing under the legal basis for the performance of contracts. For example, the purpose may be for marketing and profiling, i.e. to communicate relevant offers to our customers for the sale of our offers and those of our partners, for sending newsletters, for developing and improving our products and services, and for statistics and analyses. Other purposes for processing personal data may be based on various legal requirements, i.e. where we have to fulfil a legal obligation; examples of such purposes are the processing of personal data under the Swedish Accounting Act for invoicing or when we communicate information about amended contractual terms. In some cases, you may also give consent to processing where none of the above applies. Any consent given is a deliberate action on your part and may be withdrawn. We will then no longer process your personal data for that purpose.

7. Transfer of personal data

Because Charge Node Europé AB has subsidiaries with Group-wide functions, your personal data may be disclosed to other companies within the Group. Such companies may also process your data for the purpose of providing offers and marketing products and services that may be of interest to you. Under certain circumstances, we may also provide personal data to personal data processors, partners or other third parties. In the event of a transfer, Charge Node Europé AB takes account of the special laws and other provisions governing the separation between electricity trading companies and electricity network companies (known as unbundling regulations). In certain cases upon a request under law or by government directive, we may be obliged to disclose personal data to e.g. the police for crime prevention measures and criminal investigations. As a rule, personal data is not disclosed to companies in countries outside the EU or EEA. However, in certain circumstances the data may be transferred to, and processed in, non-EU/EEA countries by a Charge Node Europé AB Group company or by another supplier or subcontractor. In such cases, a special study is always carried out to make sure safeguards such as data transfer agreements are in place so that the recipients process the data at a level comparable to the protection offered in the EU/EEA.

8. Access to personal data

Only those who need access to the personal data in order to perform the agreed service are authorised to access and process it. We have a number of subcontractors who process personal data to varying extents and they have the same requirements for processing as Charge Node Europé AB has internally.

9 Purging

We do not save personal data any longer than necessary. Once your agreement has expired and you are no longer our customer, we will retain your data for 36 months. The same applies to contact information for our corporate customers. However, it may be necessary to retain some data for longer in order to meet other legal requirements, such as the Accounting Act, under which we must save data for 7 years. There is also reason to keep this information for longer in the event of an investigation or dispute, even if the customer relationship was previously terminated, or if you have purchased a product from us where we need to save the information in order to fulfil our warranty obligations.

10. Security

We take special physical, technical and organisational measures to protect the personal data processed so that it is not lost, destroyed, manipulated or made available to unauthorised persons. The measures are aimed at providing a level of security that is sufficiently high with regard to the technical capabilities that exist. Any changes in the personal data are continuously recorded to ensure traceability of all amendments to the data. Personal data incidents are reported internally and by our subcontractors. These are managed in an internal process and, where relevant, notified (if there is a high level of risk to the individual’s rights and freedoms) to the Swedish Data Inspection Board within 72 hours, and under the provisions of the Data Protection Act, to the person who has lost his or her data. Also, data intrusion is reported to the police.

11. Your rights

a. Right of access Everyone has the right to receive information about the extent to which their personal data is processed by Charge Node Europé AB. If Charge Node Europé AB is in possession of such personal data, the person affected will receive on request information about the categories of personal data processed, the source of the data collected, the purpose(s) for which processing takes place, the legal basis and to whom the data is disclosed. Anyone requesting such information must be able to confirm their identity. Charge Node Europé AB will respond to the electoral roll address registered with Charge Node Europé AB within 1 month of receiving the request.
b. Right to rectification Everyone has the right to request rectification of their own customer data if it is incorrect or processed in breach of applicable law.
c. Right to erasure Charge Node Europé AB erases personal data when there is no legal basis for retaining it. Our customers have the right to have their personal data erased immediately if any of the following apply:
  • Processing is based solely on your consent and you revoke it.
  • The data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it has been processed.
  • Processing takes place for direct marketing purposes and you are opposed to the processing of your data for that purpose.
  • The data has not been processed according to GDPR.
  • You oppose processing that takes place following consideration of the balance of interests, and the legitimate reasons do not outweigh your interests.
  • Erasure is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation.
d. Right to oppose automated decision-making Charge Node Europé AB does not apply automated decision-making in any field in respect of the registered person.
e. Right to restriction of processing In certain cases you have the right to demand that the processing of your personal data be restricted. This applies if you e.g. believe that your personal data is incorrect and you have requested a rectification. During the investigation, you may request that the processing of your personal data be restricted.
f. Right to compensation You may have the right to compensation in certain cases e.g. if our processing of your personal data has caused you harm. Claims may be made directly to Charge Node Europé AB.
g. Links Unless otherwise specified, the information on this page applies to Charge Node Europé AB and for For further information on personal data processing, etc. in other Charge Node Europé AB subsidiaries, please refer to the respective companies and their websites, if any. In cases where this website contains links to other websites inside or outside the Charge Node Group, this information generally does not apply to such websites. Moreover, Charge Node Europé AB is not responsible for the content of such websites.
h. Changes to the personal data policy If any changes are made to Charge Node Europé AB’s personal data policy, they will be announced on this page. For example, the policy may change if legislation or its application changes. However, if the processing of personal data is governed by agreements with customers, the contractual provisions will remain in effect until they are amended, unless they are in violation of your rights as set out above, or incompatible with law or other legally binding provisions.

12. Contacts

The data protection officer for Charge Node Europé AB can be reached by email at [email protected] or by telephone on +46 707 164 084. Questions regarding Charge Node Europé AB’s and the Group’s personal data processing may be addressed to one of our data protection officers or via the general contact form on the website.

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