We simply call it

The Power Bar

An elegant, climate-smart aluminium trunking with charging sockets for everyone.


EV charging with multiple sockets

This is more or less how we’d describe our trailblazing charging technology. More specifically, our patent-pending charging technology means many vehicles share a single centralised charging unit that distributes power based on parking time and charging needs.

Only the charging sockets are located at each parking bay, and in this way you avoid installing expensive charging boxes at every bay.

Upright or horizontal?

Our smart power bar solution can be installed on a wall, as bollards or handrails on ground screws. Hidden in the bushes or underground, our power bar is at home anywhere.

And because all the cabling is hidden away in ducting, you also avoid expensive ground works.

We very recently installed 30 outlets in Opalparken just outside Gothenburg in a top-quality, modern multi-story car park that demanded modern EV charging.


Climate-smart in more ways than one

Driving an EV is climate-smart, but our proprietary power bar solution manufactured from green, recycled aluminium makes it even smarter. What’s more, our solution has a service life of at least 20 years.

Källfelt Byggnads AB
Vallda Golf & Country Club

Easy-to-use app & cloud service

  • Users can easily download our app to activate and control charging.
  • Our cloud service makes it easy for associations to provide access, monitor operations, see electricity consumption per user and bill users.
  • And if you allow guests to charge their EVs, our app makes it easy for them to activate and pay for charging. You get to choose whether to add a surcharge for the electricity.
The Power Bar


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