Our story

A greentech company for the future

We are an experienced team of specialists and entrepreneurs in the fields of software and electronics with a passion for hurrying along the transition to a fossil-free society.

We’re convinced that our super-smart charging technology is the answer to the large-scale EV charging the world has been looking for and we’re all charged up and determined to make it so.

Every day we give our all to make the world a cleaner, better place while trying to maintain our start-up approach with speedy decision paths, rock ‘n’ roll and a belief that nothing is impossible.


Scalable, sustainable technology. Now that’s smart.

Our patent-pending charging technology is as simple as it’s ingenious.

Multiple vehicles share a central charging unit. Only a charging socket is located at each parking bay.

The expensive, sensitive electrical components are protected in a sturdy charging cabinet. This equates to reliable operation and great durability.

We have developed our own software and optimisation algorithm that makes sure all connected EVs get the right charge.

Our innovative charging technology makes much better use of available charging capacity. This eliminates the need to install expensive charging boxes in every parking bay.

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Kristian Sandahl

Our history

How a long wait was the genesis of charging without waiting.

In 2014, serial entrepreneur and electrical engineer Kristian Sandahl bought his first rechargeable EV.

In 2015, Kristian’s curiosity about reducing his charging costs at home led him to apply for a patent on an electricity sub-meter that could reduce the total cost of power in a property by up to 25%.

When he later had to queue to charge his EV in a major public car park that only had three charging boxes, all of which were occupied, he realised that there must be a smarter way to charge multiple vehicles without installing expensive charging boxes in every parking bay. With his excellent knowledge of charging times, Kristian also realised that most EVs were parked for much longer than it took to charge them fully. From these two insights, the idea was conceived to let multiple parking bays share charging capacity.

In 2016, Kristian, together with electrician and entrepreneur Henrik Nilsson, began the patent registration process for his revolutionary charging technology.

Charge Node Europé AB was registered in 2018.

The first prototype ChargeNode charging system was installed in 2019 at Varberg Energi, and IT entrepreneur Niklas Berg joined them to prepare commercialisation.

ChargeNode launched its charger technology in 2020, and in less than one year we have installed more than 1500 charging sockets with property owners, tenant-owner associations, hotels and golf clubs all over Sweden

2021 Formica Capital AB invests SEK 115 million in ChargeNode to accelerate Swedish and international expansion. Formica is a Swedish investment company with a long-term ownership strategy, owned by the Olsson Eriksson family, part of the Stena family. Formica Capital creates value growth by being an active owner of companies that drive the transition to a sustainable society.


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