Our innovation

Super-smart charging for more EVs

Our patent-pending charge technology in a nutshell

1. Because multiple vehicles share a single centralised charging cabinet, you only need to place a charging socket at each parking bay. Combine them with our elegant aluminium power bar or stylish lighting bollards. Stylish and smart.

2. Our super-smart software optimises and distributes available output based on the number of connected EVs, departure times, vehicle charging capacity and the desired charge. Everyone gets charged without your having to raise the property’s power rating.

3. Our charging technology offers 16-63A circuit breakers or load-balancing with the property and can deliver up to 22 kW per charging socket.

4. All electrical components are well protected in a sturdy charging cabinet that can be installed indoors or out. Safe, sustainable and reliable.

5. Users control and pay for charging via our simple app. The property owner monitors, bills and gets reports via our cloud service.


Fully charged with super-smart control

  • It’s easy to download the app and activate charging. Any payment is also made in the app.
  • Use our smart cloud services to set prices and manage access, operation and billing.
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Our advantages


A single ChargeNode cabinet can supply up to 54 charging sockets. Which means the same number of EVs can be parked and recharged. Our charging technology is future-proof and easy to scale up to handle hundreds of charging sockets.

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Our dynamic charging technology and smart algorithms calculate the charging order and output to each EV. In this way, available output is concentrated or distributed to connected EVs based on a number of parameters. An EV parked for a short while can receive maximum output, while one parked for longer can make do with lower.

Cost effective

Because multiple EVs share a single central charging cabinet, the volume of expensive, sensitive electrical components is reduced, which is great for your budget and the environment.

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Fewer components = lower environmental impact. What’s more, the estimated 20-year service life means it will be a long, long while before your charging system needs replacing.


The forces of nature are seldom kind to electrical components. Moisture, heat, cold and wind all have an effect on reliability and service life. ChargeNode technology concentrates all sensitive electrical components in a sturdy cabinet with the absolute highest IP rating. The cabinet can be located in a sheltered spot indoors or outdoors.



No matter how good a charging box design may be, it’s still just a box, usually plastic, mounted on a post or a wall. But ChargeNode technology makes all the boxes disappear completely. Instead, only the charging sockets are installed at each parking bay, and these can be fully integrated into your surroundings e.g. in luminaires, handrails or façades. The design possibilities are endless.

Guaranteed, end-to-end solution

We take overall responsibility for hardware, software, installation, operation, billing and support. No unexpected costs.

3-year warranty. Estimated service life of at least 20 years.

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Sandra Taranger Eberstein

Customer reference

”For us, it made sense not to set up charging boxes but to go for a centralised charging system from ChargeNode instead. The beautiful natural surroundings that frame our golf, conference and hotel resort are unique and I’m more than happy for us to do our bit in the green transition. ChargeNode was the natural choice as we were looking for something that was sustainable, durable and which blended well into our surroundings.”

Sandra Taranger Eberstein
Öijared Resort


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