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All in one. Charging, lighting and elegant parking.

Källfelt Byggnads AB

Just how elegant are plastic charging boxes at every parking bay?

Not very elegant at all. So we took our patent-pending charging technology and teamed up with Westal, one of Sweden?s most illustrious companies when it comes to luminaires. Together we created stylish lighting bollards with integrated charging sockets that create electrifying surroundings in more ways than one.

Super-smart and elegant, or what?

Sturdy, scalable charging

ChargeNode offers a scalable charging system based on trailblazing, innovative charging technology. A sturdy charging unit that can charge up to 54 EVs is installed indoors or in an electrical cabinet. Only one charging socket is installed at each parking bay.

Our smart software controls and distributes charging between charging sockets in real time and balances output with the property?s other output requirements. In this way, everyone in the association can safely charge without blowing the main fuse.

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Källfelt Byggnads AB

Quality that pays over the long term...

… in a design that will stand the test of time. Add to this the depreciation time of 10 years and a 20-year estimated component service life and you get a solution that will have an unbeatable lifetime cost.

Also, because our charging technology consumes less power, you enjoy lower electrical operating costs.

Sound too good to be true? Then let?s tell you more.

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Easy-to-use app & cloud service

  • Users can easily download our app to activate and control charging.
  • ? Our cloud service makes it easy for associations to provide access, monitor operations, see electricity consumption per user and bill them.
  • And if you allow guests to charge their EVs, our app makes it easy for them to activate and pay for charging. You get to choose whether to add a surcharge for the electricity.
Källfelt Byggnads AB
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